Casual dresses and jeans with

Did you hear about the Luvyle site? Do you have shopping experience on this site?

Luvile is the new site for me. It's about a site where you can find a wide selection of clothes and footwear. They will surely like shoppers and fashion bloggers.
Already at the first visit to the site I noticed a big discount of up to 80%, on the occasion of New Year's and Christmas holidays. What made me very happy because I found a couple of leads that I like. Discount refers to most sites on the site.

What I would separate from the site are plain casual-dresses. Large selection of dresses in various colors, but also those of one color and different lengths. It's certain that someone will find someone who suits him most. 
The dresses I have highlighted are one-color and short. I love such dresses and I often wear them.

In addition to the dress on the site, you can also find a wide selection of plain fashion jeans. Definitely the worst piece of clothing this winter has for me, but I also believe in you. 
I have outlined two models of scraped jeans that are currently worn. I like these models that can be handled in various combinations and occasions.

I have selected a couple of pieces that I liked most, I leave photos for you to look at.
I'd like to hear your opinion. Write me in comments, do you like my choice. And, of course, what do you most like about Luvila site?

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