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The warm days are ahead, it's a great reason to buy summer clothes. For this reason, I am refining your shopping suggestions. Recommendations this time come from FashionMia. The site I worked with earlier. Whose clothing has been proven to be of high quality and identical to that of a photo.
As you can see in the picture, some of the products have great discounts, so if you like something, take the opportunity.

The first recommendation refers to cheap skater dresses. There are various models and designs of dresses. Made of different materials, from festive to light and summer dresses. I singled out a couple of halljins that I liked most.
Both are summery and light. They can be worn on the beach, for this reason they are in bright colors.
Of course beside these colors there is this model of dress in other colors. Both dresses are in the same style, with a distinct waist. It will fit nicely to slender girls but also to fuller girls. One is with the neck around the neck while the other is with the sleeves. The lengths of the dress are also different. Click on the picture to see more photos of these dresses.

The following recommendation are ladies tops. Various patterns and materials. Long and short sleeves. The possibility of combining these moments is great. They can be combined with skirts, jeans and other pants, but also with shorts like in a photo.

I chose tops in cool colors, but still brighter ideal for the summer. I chose two completely different models. At the same time, I'm two favorites. I love shirts because I can combine them in various ways.
The other top is different, it's a wide-bride shirt, wide enough to point the shoulders and the whole figure. The combination with the shore, as it is in the picture, I like very much. Another big plus is that these majors can be combined with the tights for evening out.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Write me in comments, which things most like you most like on the website of FashionMia. And what you bought.

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