Sweaters and cardigans with BerryLook

Hello everyone!
We reunite after a long break. We continue to hang out.

In this post, I want to show you a new shopping site.
Have you heard about BerryLook before? I honestly did not, I discovered it a few days ago. But I was pleasantly surprised by the choice of things they offer.

Up to 70% of discounts are available on this site. The discount applies to most items from this site.
And since the third of August has already passed, and the summer is over. This is the perfect time to take advantage of this great discount and take things for the upcoming autumn.

V Neck Plain Pullover

What attracted me most is the pullover sweaters, I love sweaters and I often wear them during the winter. In addition to them, the womens cardigans attracted me
. Models are exactly what I like, classical with some tiny and discrete details. As paint can be seen, the colors are simpler and easier to combine with other things and colors.
But of course they can be found in different colors and patterns, for everyone's sake.
I hope you find something to your taste, I am.

Fold-Over Collar Plain Roll-Up Sleeve Cardigan

Write me in the comments, do you have any shopping experience from this site? What did you choose for it?

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